Aug 14, 2023

Is it less safe to live in an open community than a closed one in Orlando?

Is it less safe to live in an open community than a closed one in Orlando?

Is it less safe to live in an open community than a closed one in Orlando?

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For you who are looking for a better life in the United States, specifically in Orlando, you must certainly have come across different types of properties and communities. Let's talk a little about Orlando's "opencommunities " - and whether or not they are a good choice for Brazilians looking for safety and quality of life.

First, what are communities Open?

It is not different from Brazil or other countries. The communities open (different from "gated communities"), are communities without entrance/exit gate or gates. Some are walled around, but with free entry and exit.

Waterleigh main entrance in Winter Garden
Waterleigh main entrance (community open)

In the photo above, the main entrance of community Waterleigh, located in Winter Garden. Despite being open, it is one of the most sought after by both Americans and Brazilians. Get to know a little more on the Waterleigh page on our website. Another open community that is very worth knowing is Northlake at Ovation, also located in Winter Garden.

One of the main reasons why Brazilians choose open communities in Orlando is the security they offer. Despite the absence of walls, these communities usually have security staff, camera surveillance, etc.

The open communities often offer excellent living spaces, with parks, sports courts, swimming pools, clubhouses and in some cases even events (such as Food Trucks, Easter, etc.), creating a welcoming environment for those moving to a new country and thus helping to adapt to a new country.

It is worth remembering that the vast majority of communities in the Orlando region are like this, open. Closed communities are rarer, even because of the security that is already considered excellent, even in open communities . 

Many of these communities are located in prime areas, close to shopping centers, good schools, hospitals and other essential amenities. This makes life more convenient and makes everyday life easier for residents, who have quick access to everything they need.

Open communities are often beautifully landscaped, with ponds, walking trails and are usually very well maintained.

Is it a safe investment?

In addition to the benefits in terms of safety and well-being, investing in a property in an open community in Orlando can be an excellent financial decision. These communities are highly valued in the local market, which makes purchasing a property a solid investment opportunity for the future and quick turnaround in case you need to sell the property.

The Pointon Realty team is ready to assist you in this journey. Contact us to know the best options of communities open (or even closed) in Orlando and take the first step towards a new and promising stage in your life.

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