Dr Phillips

One of the most central and traditional regions of Orlando, with beautiful houses and communities.

Dr Phillips

Get to know the City

This bustling area of homes, businesses, restaurants and luxury shops is one of the placesmost popular places to live in Orange County.

The community was named after Dr. Philip Phillips, a pioneer in the citrus industry who eventually sold most of his property to Minute Maid in the 1950s. The property he owned in southwest Orange County was sold to developers who built the Bay Hill subdivision, as well as other surrounding communities.

This area has experienced explosive growth over the past 30 years, largely due to the location of two important local industries: defense and tourism. However, Dr. Phillips' area has been able to maintain its excellent quality of life through timely infrastructure upgrades and growth control.

Many people move into Dr. Phillips' area because of the reputation of public schools alone. The area also has a 43-acre County Park, located on Big Sand Lake. Due to its location on the east coast of the beloved Butler Chain of Lakes, many residents are also active in boat trips and water sports.

Dr. Phillips' area also has a large community center and numerous first class restaurants on Sand Lake Road, which has been affectionately dubbed the "Restaurant Row".

Source: Orange County