This is the city of the future, projected by the same creators of Lake Nona.


Get to know the City

Sunbridge is a new town that is taking shape. It will be at least 30 years in the making. The Sunbridge area was envisioned by the same developers as Lake Nona. It is part of the Orlando metropolitan area, yet stretches for miles.

A modern place with new homes, adventure, and the lush nature of Florida. Regional in scale and generational in importance. And you are invited to be a part of it from the beginning.

Welcome to something new. A community founded on the idea that spending time in nature is more than a sporadic luxury. It is a daily necessity.

Sunbridge Location

What is coming to life in Sunbridge is more than just beautiful new homes. It's also businesses, restaurants, parks and pools, stores and a school. And one more ingredient: an inspiring and transforming abundance of nature. Oak forests, lakes, wetlands, lush gardens and large parks. All connected by a wide network of walking trails.

Sunbridge neighborhoods are full of adventure and connected to the true nature of Florida. And a wide variety of homes-for people of all ages and walks of life-are true to their Florida roots. They embody an inspired and current interpretation of classic Florida architectural styles: Coastal Craftsman, Coastal Cottage, Farmhouse, Shingle, Florida Cracker, and Florida Foursquare. Each designed to create a strong connection to the outdoors.