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We accompany the entire process, from the search and contract signing to the construction and key delivery. For investors, we are your "one stop shop" and we manage your property.

The Canyons at Highland Ridge in Clermont
Model home at The Canyons at Highland Ranch, Clermont, FL

The First Steps for buying a property

Here you can check in detail the steps that we consider essential for a secure purchase.

Choose a good Broker

It is at the beginning of the journey that you must make the right choice. Since all agents can sell any property, there is no need to speak with multiple agents simultaneously.

Keep a budget in mind

This not only optimizes your time but also helps you and your real estate agent find homes that truly fit what you are looking for.

The "ace up our sleeve."

If you are financing, we will guide you to obtain a pre-qualification letter from one of our partners. This letter is especially required when purchasing resales.

Visualize what you want

It can be a house, apartment, condo, etc. Try to imagine what you want and what you consider most important in the property.

Understand the different options

By defining a budget and intended use of the property, you can understand the different options available in the market and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Consider other expenses

Plan your expenses and the total budget of the project according to your current financial situation. In addition to the property itself, there are costs for deeds, furniture, etc., which we will clarify in detail from the beginning of the process.

Prepare for the down payment

Ideally, have a down payment amount already in an American bank account or inquire in advance with your bank about the procedures for international transfers. I believe this can make a difference in not missing out on an opportunity.

Why choose Pointon Realty?

Dedicate your attention to a single professional and work together with them. The professional representing you will play a crucial role in ensuring the best outcome and a positive experience.

We work with our values in mind, always aiming to provide the best service and results for the buyer.

We have more than 10 years of experience.
We work with ethics above all else.
We protect you in the negotiation process.
We work on a purchasing strategy.
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Andrea Pointon, CEO and Broker at Pointon Realty
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Our assistance goes far beyond the choice of the property!

If desired, you can hire our consulting and support services for additional assistance in areas beyond the choice of the property. This can include selecting all the finishes, overseeing purchases, and more.

Our goal is to make you feel welcomed at all times and to ensure that our professionalism outweighs any uncertainties you may have about dealing with unfamiliar processes in a new country. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Property Financing for Foreigners

Did you know that it is possible to finance a property in the United States using your income and documents from you Brazil or another country you live in?

Fast and without bureaucracy.
Attractive interest rates.
If desired, pay-off in advance.
You don't have to pay it off to sell the property.
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We take care of your property as if it were our own

If the property you want to buy is for investment or a second home abroad, rest assured that we won't leave you hanging! We exclusively manage residential properties for clients who have purchased through us.

Special administration fee, below market rates.
No additional charges for services and repairs.
More peace of mind for you when you are far away.
Periodic visits to the property for inspection and photographic documentation.
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Financing your dream home in 3 steps

The financing is done by specialized companies, and we have partners to recommend to you.

1. Keep in mind the type of property and budget.

Here we have gathered the best and newest communities in Orlando.

2. Talk to a Mortgage Broker.

We have partners who are specialized financing companies.

3. Have a pre-qualification letter.

With this pre-approval letter, we will know what to focus on, and you will be ready for a purchase.

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