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Are you a builder in your country and have always dreamed of entering the American market? Learn how we can assist you.

community Ridgeview Residential Complex in Clermont
community Ridgeview Residential Complex in Clermont

Why Build in Orlando, Florida?

Currently, Central Florida is one of the hottest real estate markets in the USA. We have been closely monitoring the growth in the Orlando area, and the future looks promising for those who believe in it.

Check out some recent numbers that put Orlando at the top of the major U.S. rankings:

Among 390 metropolitan regions in the USA, Orlando has the hottest real estate market.
Orlando has the second highest population growth rate among the 30 largest American cities.
Orlando Conventional Center

In the United States

Building Community in the Orlando, Florida area
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Why choose to build with Pointon Realty?

We are the first Brazilian real estate agency in Central Florida to become a member of the REALTORS® Land Institute. Count on us to become a successful builder in the hottest market in the USA.

We conduct a thorough investment analysis to determine the best investment opportunities.
We identify potential areas.
We have partners for every stage of the process.
We sell the developed units.
We manage, if you are leasing them.
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The First Steps for Building in the USA

The construction of a project in the US follows well-defined steps well-defined steps, and we have the tools, knowledge, and partners you need.

Have a clear objective

Are you looking for something to generate passive income – building and renting, or something for future construction and sale?

Understand the options

The construction process can be more time-consuming, depending on the steps involved with the city, permits, and other documents required.

Understand the costs involved and the time required to align the financial expectations and movements with the project.

Choose the right real estate agency

Understand that here all brokers and real estate agencies have access to the same properties, the same incentives, and the same information. It is the experience of each individual that will be the great differentiator.

Have an initial budget in mind

Depending on the amount to be invested, we will analyze the best opportunities for land and possible options, whether commercial or residential constructions.

Ask and Ask again

The processes can be different from your country, so it's important to have a good realtor assisting you, so you can understand the necessary partners and have that support group.

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