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Your property deserves first-class treatment. We offer professional services to showcase your property in the market.

High-end Winter Garden home for sale by Pointon Realty
High-end Winter Garden home for sale by Pointon Realty

Why sell with Pointon Realty?

Dedicate your attention to a single professional and work together with them. The professional representing you will play a crucial role in ensuring the best outcome and a positive experience.

We work with our values in mind, always aiming to provide the best service and results for the buyer.

We have more than 10 years of experience.
We work with ethics above all else.
We protect you in the negotiation process.
We work on a sales strategy.
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The First Steps for selling a property

Check here in detail everything we offer to homeowners who sell their properties with us.

Start by making the right choice.

It is at the beginning of the journey that you must make the right choice. The experience and professionalism of the real estate agent are your main allies.

Professional free photos

The internet is often the buyer's first contact with the property. That's why it's crucial to have high-quality photos taken by a professional, as the initial goal is to attract attention and captivate the buyer.

Contract Signing

We assist you with the contract signing, which we will prepare, always advocating for your interests and in compliance with the law.

Market Analysis (CMA)

We will conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) by comparing similar properties in the same area as yours. Based on this analysis, we will be able to determine an appropriate and competitive listing price for your property in the market.

Segmented Marketing

We heavily invest in the main digital channels, utilizing effective strategies to reach the best possible target audience and generate qualified leads.

Customer Service

We have tools in place to promptly and efficiently handle all contacts received through our communication channels, generating more property visits.

Make the right choice when selling your property!

Below, you can check out some properties from clients who chose Pointon Realty for their selling needs.

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